Our Story

TURTLE DOVE was conceived in 2011, born from Mathilde Girard’s vision for innovative and practical sleepwear – the SurPyjama.

Convinced that this new development in sleepwear could encapsulate both comfort and quality without compromising on style, TURTLE DOVE has used gifted artists and suppliers of the finest quality to create this high-end product range.

TURTLE DOVE is the story of wonderful collaborations between designers, pattern makers, graphic designers, illustrators and countless professionals who have devoted their skills for the benefit of sleeping children everywhere.

Also the story of an enchanted world of reverie, magically brought to life and illustrated by Camille Chevrillon and orchestrated by Prudence Dudan.

TURTLE DOVE launched its retail website in January 2014 with the aim of bringing the SurPyjama to the International market.

The Concept

TURTLE DOVE quickly became convinced that the SurPyjama was an outstanding alternative to sleeping bags or duvets.

Worn over pyjamas or babygrows, the SurPyjama is ideal for babies and children who are then free to move around but remain comfortably covered during their slumber. With both shoulders and arms covered, their warmth and safety are ensured.

Stylish, practical and cosy, the SurPyjama can also be worn by a baby in its recliner, during walks in a pushchair or journeys by car, in summer or winter depending on the fabric weight selected. Allowing easy transfer between pushchair, car seat and bed, there is no need to disturb your sleeping child. In addition, snap-fasteners allow the freedom to change baby’s nappy whilst avoiding unnecessary undressing.

For young children, the SurPyjama is a welcome innovation at bedtime. Whether making a camp in the light of a bedside lamp, escaping through the pages of a fairy tale or succumbing to a well-earned rest, they have the freedom to stand up or move around without tripping or tangling, whilst remaining comfortably covered until morning.

TURTLE DOVE offers SurPjyamas in sizes from birth to 4 years.

The quality

Based on comfort, aesthetics and safety, the Turtle Dove creations are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of materials and accessories.

Turtle Dove selects all its fabrics with strong environmental and social ideals and a stringent regard for children’s health. The majority of the collection is made from cotton, sourced from organic fibres where possible.

An environmentally conscious mill in France makes all of our fleece fabrics.

Their manufacturing process incorporates selective waste sorting, specialist machine oil treatment, efficient energy and water consumption as well as reduced emissions. The use of harmful chemicals is avoided, ensuring all materials and dyes are Oeko-Tex certified.

All patterned fabrics are made exclusively from cotton and are sourced mainly from ‘Liberty Art Fabrics of London’.

The Turtle Dove creations are conceived and designed in France, in both Paris and Montpellier.

The exceptional standard of a product lies in the attention to detail, quality of manufacture and finish. All Turtle Dove creations are made by a family-run firm in Portugal, specifically selected for its dedicated care for the environment and work force.